Freelancing is replacing the traditional workforce. As more workplaces choose to hire freelance, remote, and contract workers for projects, the benefits are being widely recognized.

According to Upwork, a website which matches freelance professionals to businesses seeking specialized talent, 74% of the freelance workforce started freelancing in the past 5 years. (Upwork, 2018).

Furthermore, The number of freelance hours Americans work each week has increased by 72 million since 2015. (Upwork, 2018).

These statistics reveal just how much an advantage a freelance (as well as remote workforce) allows business to expand more accurately. ]

Think about it- if you hire the wrong freelancer as an EMPLOYEE, you may be stuck for a long time waiting for top talent.

The freelance market, however, allows you to choose from an enormous pool of talent with the opportunity to choose which specialist would help you best.

1. Consistent Original Content

This one can be a double edged sword- original content is admirable and engaging, but consistency is key to getting good results. SO how do you balance the two? getting both original AND consistently good content? Well, the freelance marketplace offers a variety of options the traditional 9 to 5 employee copywriters cannot provide. This may seem obvious, but freelance copywriters can take on the projects they feel most comfortable with, work upon a mutually agreed upon rate. and can be further negotiated depending on your relationship with the client.

It takes time to find out who is best suited for your business and can bring the most to the table. No one can be a specialist in everything, but someone can be an expert in your business niche and delivery award winning copy. This is imperative for your business to convert the most prospects for your business. As known, content is king, and must be crafted efficiently to work as part of the buyer’s journey.

2. More Flexibility

Scaling the project up or down? Need a health expert for 2 weeks? Need a digital strategist for 2 months?

The freelance market has you covered…

See, the freelance market allows you to “cut the line” so to speak- it’s like performing an internet search- you can adjust the results until you get what works best for your needs.

Sure, it can take a little bit of time to find the perfect copywriter for your needs, but it’s much more time saving than spending spending years with the company copywriter.

The goal of copy is to convert, and it’s a battle of survival of the fittest for your business to get the best copy that delivers the best results.

As you know, copy is sales in print, or turning words into cash. It’s not the pushy sales staff or cashier that converts the most prospects, but rather it’s what the customer has read gives them something to think about and make a decision on their own.

3. Clearer Objectives

When you hire a freelance copywriter, you get to focus on YOU.

YOU DO YOU- Like a champ.

This is because you don’t have to worry about what you may not be the best in.

But rather, save a ton of time and hire someone to craft, edit, revise, and chew on your copy until only the best is achieved.

Sounds a bit dramatic, but this is important when it comes time to putting the pieces together in the business “puzzle.”

Let’s use the moving parts of digital marketing as an example- you have SEP, PPC, blogging, content strategy, and social.

How can you do all that and do all your copywriting at the same time?

Can you? Do you want to? WIll it be easy for you?

Most likely not.

And that’s totally okay- professional copywriters have you covered.

4. Copywriters Deliver Results

If you copywriter knows you goals, targets, and desired objectives, they’ll deliver results.

Your copywriter has to know the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

KPIs are the spice of marketing!!

Your KPIs measure your marketing strategy results.

Here are some common goals:

  • Monthly website traffic
  • Number of qualified leads
  • Conversion rates for call-to-action (CTAs)
  • Email Open Rate
  • Ad Click Through Rate (CTR)

Copywriters craft the right words to deliver results and improve all of these.

All you have to do is be upfront with your copywriter and what your business goals are.

Your copywriter (should) have the knowledge and expertise in your business niche to deliver the most effective results.

The freelance market is growing, and this gives you access to a greater talent pool.

Take a quick scan on Upwork and Linkedin- you’ll find A LOT.

5. Bring in the Specialist!

To get the best results, you have to craft the best copy!

There’s no other way to say it….

YOU need top talent to creft top copy.

And this may harsh but, there’s a top person for every situation, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

Your health and wellness copywriter may make the best landing pages and email sequences for their industry, but you may summon the expertise of a financial copywriter to promote a retirement planning book ad.

This is the truth- everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and so do copywriters.

Copywriters is NOT traditional, academic style writing, AT ALL.

It is materiance of art and science of persuasion through the written word.

Specialist copywriter have the most familiarity in their industry and know what will and won’t work.

If you broke your arm, would you go see an eye doctor?

Absolutely not.

The same goes for digital marketing strategy- you have to find the top talent for your business to deliver the best results.

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