A Must-Have For Your Digital Strategy

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to a target audience, with the goal of converting them into loyal customers.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods.

To add to that, rich content is the KEY to winning SEO strategy.

As we know, Google doesn’t like us until our audience like us.

And its only right, Google’s everchanging algorithm adapts to suit its users and deliver them what they want.

An infographic does this by giving the reader everything they need in a simple and concise manner with accompanying visuals.

Put in plain english:

An infographic is a collection of information organized into a visual image for easier understanding.

Infographics combine texts and imagery so you can visualize the concept at hand, and run with it.

As the saying goes, you must “visualize to materialize” results (especially in marketing and sales) and this is true for you and your customers.

You MUST be able to break down concepts into bite sized pieces for your customers to be able to understand.

This builds trust.

And let’s face it: the customer has all the options in the world these days, so you have to be the best by creating a relationship with your buyers.

It’s not being fake.

Actually, it’s being real because people want what they want.


They can tell the real from the fake, believe it or not.

1. Infographics are Eye-Catching

Let’s start with this infographic.

Let’s dive deep into this together…

This infographic was designed for a Digital Strategist and Web Content Manager.

Look how it clearly describes how digital marketing is the way to go in the 21st century for many reasons.

Your eyes naturally go down the page in the correct order, and catch the right symbol for each main point.

The background of a road (hence the title) keeps us on track and not only reminds us, but causes us to think ahead of how digital marketing changes yet comes together.

The infographic combines images, color, and movement to create an engaging AND educational experience that the user will remember for its originality.

Remember, you and everyone else are bombarded with textual ads everyday, especially with your emails.

And we all get sick of reading instruction manuals after awhile.

But, infographics, on the other hand, are much more fun and engaging than a boring paragraph of text.

Because of the information overload in our society, people have the attention span of a goldfish.

And this is not to be mean…

But it’s the truth.

If your ad or content does not engage people within the first five seconds, they are likely to never look at it again.

So not only do the visuals have to be on point, but your words have to be chosen carefully to keep the reader engaged in your infographic.

Its the sum of the moving parts working together to craft the best message.

2. Infographics Improve SEO Ranking

It’s stated above…

You can’t run from it, and you can’t hide from it.

The SEO Monster will track you down!!

But seriously, you must keep up with Google’s algorithm to get ahead online.

Google knows when your faking too so don’t even try it.

From my point of view as a Copywriter, keyword stuffing (jamming as many keywords into a post as possible just to get noticed) will get you penalized (and possibly banned from google).

But, if you want to do a good job and get noticed by Google as a credible website with great content, you must provide value for your audience.

In my opinion, infographics give you a great opportunity to prove your content valuable- if done correctly.

Google’s SEO algorithm relies on websites providing high quality content to its users.

This means….

  • Content must be relevant and timely
  • Easy to read
  • Identify problems and give solutions
  • Include relevant keywords
  • Include images and video
  • Develop a personal relationship with the reader

With the exception of video, infographics do all of these neat things.

See, people want to have fun while they’re learning.

Combining images and texts in a concise, relateable manner is the way to do this in 2020.

And best of all, Infographics hit on all of these points (with the exception of video).

If you want to improve your digital marketing strategy, spend time thinking about some gnarly graphics you can put together offer value to your viewer.

You won’t regret it.

3. Infographics are Sharable

Not only are infographics pleasing to the eye, they are also very easy to share.

Remember, humans are wired for visuals.

Most information transmitted to your brain is visual.

Also, 65% of the population are visual learners.

Truth be told, most people would rather glance over an infographic than read a boring academic article.

The traditional marketing methods are becoming outdated for two big reasons:

  1. Digital Marketing is taking over due to everyone being on the internet already
  2. Companies realize people don’t want to be sold to, but given value through a close relationship

These elements combine to create a paradigm shift in the marketing industry, essentially changing the way people buy.

Inbound marketing is a a form of “pulling” strategy that uses content marketing, blogs, SEO, and social media.

An estimated 80% of small businesses are using social media as a means to their marketing strategy, from generating brand awareness to attracting qualified leads.

Out of this number, another 80% of marketers also use visual assets in their campaign strategy to improve social shares.

Infographics cover a lot of information, saving you time and money.

This likeability leads to sharing, generating more brand awareness and sales.

But its not just a matter of “getting money blindly.”

Its giving people what they want and the customer buying it from YOU.

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