You want more leads, traffic, conversions, and attention to your website. So you spend hours writing and rewriting your web content to make it awesome.

However, there aren’t as many visitors as you hoped…

And your email list isn’t growing…

So now your getting frustrated.

And you decide to hire a professional copywriter for your online materials.

How does a copywriter not only increase brand awareness and exposure, but also increases sales, signups, conversions, downloads, and more?

By tapping into the buyer’s mind-

and no, its not magic,

It’s an innovative approach that probes the emotions of the buyer to get them to take a desired action and build loyalty and trust.


Everyone (and every copywriter and digital marketer) has their own approach to making things happen.

You develop your own unique voice and style after working on many projects…

So let’s take a look at how I approach a copywriting project, as a direct response copywriter.

1. Know your ideal customer

Before you write a single word of copy, you must know two things.

Who your target audeince is, and who your target audience is not.

Now this may sound easy, but too many copywriters and digital marketers try to sell to EVERYONE.

There is a common saying in marketing: “When you sell to EVERYONE, you sell to NO ONE.”

If you’re shopping on Amazon for Christmas tree lights and Halloween lights pop up instead, are you going to buy these?

Absolutely not.

And the reasons why is because IT’S NOT YOU.

You are not going to become something you are not or change to buy a single product.

And this is where the beginning of the copywriting process comes in- knowing your ideal customer.

Thanks to online information systems, you no longer have to stand out in the open and watch people shop all day to understand customer behavior.

Take a look at these instead:

  • Create a survey in wordpress
  • Employ Google Analytics for your website
  • Use the Keyword tool in Google
  • Facebook Audience Insights (Similar to Google Analytics, but lets you understand demographics of those who interact on FaceBook).
  • Use Google Trends to see what prospective customers are searching online
  • Social Rank let’s you see your followers across Twitter and Instagram. You can filter by interest, keywords, location, and more.

Digital Marketing is based on data, which can be obtained using the above tools to fully understand your target audience, along with their behavior and desires.

It gives you enough data and knowledge to craft a message to your ideal customer.

The 5 W’s are great at setting you up for this task…

Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

These can then be subdivided into other categories as well.

What’s the gender of my target audience?

Whats’ the average household income?

Interests? occupation? use of spare time?

You get the point.

2. Know Your Product/ Service

This is the research phase of your copywriting.

Copywriters are best at writing, but they also need to be researching as well.

Just as you now your ideal customer and have performed your research on them, you must do the same for your product/ service.

As a copywriter and marketer, you sell on emotion, and justify with logic.

Most things you buy are not necessities of daily living.

Think about the things in your house right now that you have.

  • Your Television
  • Ipad
  • NetFlix Subscription
  • Luxury chair
  • Decorations

These are all nice things that you FEEL like you need, but they are not the same as food, water, clothing, or shelter.

Yout bought these on emotion and justified them later with logic.

Which leads me to this point- when copywriting, sell benefits, not features.

Again, benefits over feature so you can appeal to emotion (which will later be justified with logic) by the buyer.

Let’s use an eBook as an example.

Ebooks are great in the digital marketing realm because they are they demonstrate your expertise in your niche, and are a great lead magnet for growing your subscriber list and customer base.

They can also be used as a source of passive income to supplement your income.

The eBook talks about weight loss.

Notice the difference between the benefits and features of the product.

“124 Pages of content” vs. Lose Weight in the Next 30 Days!”

“Many diets available” vs. “Lost 5 pounds every week with nutrition.”

And the list goes on.

The features are boring and can be read in the fine print if the buyer wants.

The features play up to your emotions and cause you to take action.

This in turn increased leads, sales, and overall brand awareness to drive profits for your business.

3. State Your Goal

Now that you have done your homework and understand your buyer persona and your product/ service, it’s time to discuss how you want your customer to do.

Your copy should have one goal, and one goal only.

Otherwise, your customer will get confused and click away to a clearer and (in their mind) a better option.

As stated in one of my previous articles, customer don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to.

Do you want your customer to click the download button?

Do you want your customer to sign up for a newsletter?

Do you want your customer to finish the checkout they abandoned because they got distracted browsing online?

These are all important points to consider.

You also have to think about which medium you want to use to display your message.

As a copywriter/ digital marketer, I have used:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Email sequences

Since your know your customers and the product/ service itself, you need to know how your going to get your message out there.

Always know what you want your customer to do before writing your copy.

This will prevent mishaps and misunderstandings between you and the buyer, and will allow you to deliver your message without being salesy.

Again, good marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all-

It feels like your talking to your best friend.

Which is why copywriting has a conversational and enthusiastic tone…

And is broken up into sentences like these 🙂

4. Write Your Copy

Now, the final step.

This may sound like the most difficult step, but remember, we did out homework beforehand.

We know our customer, their likes, dislikes, and what makes them want to buy the produt or service.

We also know all the mouth watering benefits of the products and how they’ll transform your life for the better.

We also know our end goal and which medium to use to display our messages.

With all that being said, we now know have all out points in mind and now our goal is to craft a message that is clear and compelling.

This attractive offer is what puts the customer at the edge of their seat and makes it irresistible.

The goal of your copy is to get your customer to take action and they will when they develop an emotional bond to your product.

Your customer should be able to envision themselves living the best life when they’re using your product.

Your eBook talking about making money online?

Your customer should picture themselves sipping Margaritas on a beach in the caribbean with golden sand and royal blue water.

You sell your product/ service with the intention of making your customer’s life better and they should be able to see themselves doing better when they make their purchase.

Long story short, compelling copy comes from extensive customer and target market research so you can “zero in” on your prospects.

The actual copywriting is the tip of the iceberg and is the final step of the entire process.

The key to great copy is great research and this starts with building relationships and knowing your buyer and the service offered.

Good luck out there! Now dive in and watch out for the icebergs.

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