The 5 Main Sections of your Website

An Apple Mac Desktop Computer on a table with Facebook open.

The internet has superpowers- it connects the world, provides us with information in seconds, and keeps us entertained.

You can do virtually anything- shop, check the weather, go on YouTube, log onto social media, attend college, or have Skype Meetings.

However you use it, the world’s at your fingertips.

Content is King.

You’ve heard that saying.

And it’s so true.

So before we dive deeper, take a look at these stats.

Keep these in mind:

There are over 7.8 billion people in the world.

Out of that, 4.70 billion people have access and use the internet frequently.

From 2000 to 2020, internet usage has increased 1,157%.

Roughly 90 percent of the American population has access to and used the internet on a daily basis.

There are currently 351 million registered domains in the world.

Every single minute, Americans generate 3,138, 420 GB of data.

As the internet involved, so did digital marekting:

Here’s one more statistic for you!

71 percent of small businesses have a web presence.

(And those who don’t 90% plan of having a website very soon).

But simply having a website is not enough.

There is too much competition these days.

That’s why your website content must be clear, concise and compelling.

You have to stand out in a sea of sameness!

Here’s how to have a compelling website in 2020 and beyond.

To 2020, and beeyyyooonnndddd!!!!!

1. Your Homepage

A business owner and a customer exchanging credit card through a computer screen.

Your homepage is the first thing visitors see.

It’s the welcome center for your website.

So creating a fantastic first impression is a must.

Your content must be attention grabbing and tell exactly who you are and what you have to offer.

Your logo should also be displayed at the top of the website.

Keep in mind, your logo should not be too complicated-

Just quick, catchy, and easy to remember.

Your site menu should also be located at the top of the page.

This is where visitors can quickly navigate their way around the website.

Also, keep in mind, the importance of on-page SEO- place keywords where needed so visitors can find what they came for.

Now for the fun part: your call-to-action (CTA).

What do you want visitors to do?

Download an ebook?

Sign-up for the monthly newsletter?

Buy something?

This is where you direct your customers to take further action.

This can be done with a squeeze page-

This is where you get contact information from visitors and build an email list.

A screenshot of a squeeze page created for a digital marketing client.

Always remember, the purpose of your website is NOT to look pretty, but to convert.

Convert the reader or visitor into a repeat buyer.

It’s the central hub of digital marketing.

All other forms of digital marketing- SEO, PPC, offpage SEO, Social Media, and affiliate marketing, etc, revolve around this.

About Us- Time to Get Up Close

A fancy drawing of an About Us page text.

And personal 🙂

But really it’s about me and you.

This is your chance to have a one-on-one conversation with the reader.

Because it’s about them.

People came to your website for a reason.

And they’re counting on you to provide value.

This is where smooth copywriting comes in.

Not academic writing or lecturing.

No need for boring material.

This is where you can use the word “you” a lot.

And you don’t have to do all the talking.

Your about page is a great place to let the client’s talk with relevant testimonials for your business.

This ads social proof, with gives you credibility.

Your About Us page is also a place to tell your story?

Who are you and how did you come to be?

What makes you so special?

WIth fierce internet competition, you have to stand out with your digital marketing strategy.

You become the one in a million by having that special connection.

Think of your audience like family.

Treat your audience like family.

Because they are the ones who are going to be coming back to you.

Your Contact Us Page

A cell phone with several social media apps coming out of it.

Once your customers get to know you,

They will want to contact you.

Your contact page is where you list all the ways a customer can get in touch with you.

Unlike the 90s, you have more than a landline to offer.

Think social media as well- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube….

As well as company email.

These should all appear as clickable icons for visitors to see.

This again, will ad social proof, as customers want someone who is already wanted.

This proves your worth.

This is why people tend to gather in crowds and wait in long lines.

People are social beings and live by habit.

These subtle signs show that you’re the in-demand expert.

You can also re-state your company mission.

Your mission statement tells your audience your purpose for serving them.

Here is a resource for writing mission and vision statements.

Your contact page may seem obvious, but positioning is key.

You must re-state your company mission and vision to remind visitors of why they should reach out to you.

And then they can- through the emails, phone numbers, and social media links you have.

It’s a major-minor move.

Your Product/Services Page

A computer with an e-commerce symbol, cell phone, and credit cards next to it.

Here we are!

After all, your job as business is to sell.

This can be physical products or services.

This is your opportunity to highlight what you have to offer.

But it has to be done efficiently.

You must sell the benefits over the features of your products.

Let’s say you’re selling a nice comfy beanbag.

Don’t do this:

– Dimensions: 60” x 60” x 34”
– Weight: 55 pounds
– Cover Material: Micro Fiber
– Filling: Shredded Memory Foam Blend

These are all true facts about the product.

But they don’t tell you the benefits of owning the product.

Instead, write something like this:

Hop onto a cloud this evening- and wake up in a sea of foam. Melt into a seat that loves you back- cuddle close, spread out, or catch up on some Z’s.

The chill sack has your back!

Which is more compelling?

You can answer that.

Sure, it’s great that its made out of memory foam

But that doesn’t sell you on the dream.

That’s why you have to plant the image in the customer’s head.

Its the same with services on your page-

Get them to envision the WIFM (What’s in it for me).

It’s the same with services as well- the customer has to be able to imagine themselves living with what you have to offer.

And finally, your Blog

A WordPress Dashboard showing a user adding a title to a new post.


let’s save the best for last….

But really.

I put this last for a reason.

And it’s because the most important.

See, most of your website pages are static- they don’t change.

But blogging, especially for business owners, showcases an ever-changing landscape of new information that puts content out for your customers.

As the saying in digital marketing goes,

“Content is King.”

And this is very true.

Consistent blogging with fresh and relevant content improves both on-page and off-page SEO rankings when keywords are used correctly.

Also, internal and outbound links can be used, and this will signal to search engines that your are usufel and relevant.

For more information, check out this article on SEO and blogging.

But moving on, there are several benefits to blogging on your website.

First, you position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Blogging is a great way for businesses to share knowledge about their industry and interests with their customers.

The way you write can also be shaped to match your personality and brand voice as well.

It helps customers build a rapport with your brand.

When written correctly, you feel like your having a close conversation with an expert.

Blogging also gives you the golden opportunity to collect emails from customers.

When you publish fresh, relevant, and consistent content for your readers, they will want more.

Encourage your readers to subscribe for the monthly newsletter or for more tips and information.

Email marketing has the greatest ROI in digital marketing-

Frr every dollar you spend in email marketing, you can expect to get forty-two dollars in return!

Check out this quick infographic on email marketing for more info.

Finally, your blog allows your customers to join in on the conversation by leaving comments and feedback.

Maintaining your blog keeps your audience informed and positions you as the go-to for industry advice.

And remember- digital marketing is like a big engine- you need all the parts to work correctly to gain momentum.

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