Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writer's block is shown with a blank book and pencil on it.
“The rest is still unwritten.”

Writer’s block.

Copywriter’s block.

Content creator’s block.

We all know that feeling.

An eater of self-esteem and confidence.

Is there a cure to this writing ailment?

Will word surgery work on this?

Technically speaking, there is no cure.

But there’s a way of dealing with it.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a seasoned writer (or want to learn more about writing).

And you probably have your own way of dealing with writer’s block.

There is no right or wrong answer;

It’s whatever works best for you.

Some people meditate.

Others spend time reading and writing.

Time to get creative.

Here are some creative ways to break through writer’s block and achieve success.

Some of these may be common for you.

Others you may have never considered.

While there are millions of ideas, let me share what has worked for me.

1. Go for a Walk

Writer’s Block Improves with Fresh Air.

A woman going for a walk in the city to improve writer's block.

Writers and digital marketers spend a lot of time sitting-

This is not good for you after a while.

Much of society spends too much time sitting.

Driving to work.


Watching television.

And of course, working from your laptop.

All this adds up after a while.

Have you been sitting for 2 whole hours and can’t seem to get that first paragraph going?

It might be time to get up and stretch.

Or take a nice long walk.


2. Get a Coffee

Brew Some New Ideas with a Fresh Coffee.

Freelancer drinking a cup of coffee to relieve writer's block.

There are many causes of writer’s block-

And there’s a lot of ways to treat the symptoms.

Digital marketers are creative professionals and must keep their juices flowing.

Coffee helps- it has caffeine.

And the smell keeps you awake.

You can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee to get rid of writer’s block.

Caffeine has been proven to give you a boost.

Coffee doesn’t have to be limited for just the mornings.

A good cup of coffee works wonders in the afternoon time to get you through that afternoon slump.

Say goodbye to writer’s block with a cup of coffee.

But don’t be in a rush!

Enjoy it.

Look at all the flavors you can get.

Take your time.

Sip it slow.

Let your ideas brew as you sip your coffee.

Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you take a moment to relax.

Just thinking about coffee…



While we’re at it, here’s a website that’s completely devoted to coffee copywriting!

My point is that coffee can really help you when you feel like you’re running low.

We all get that feeling.

And having a cup of coffee is a way of pushing forward.

3. Go on YouTube

Writer’s block and YouTube Don’t Mix.

A laptop with YouTube on the computer screen with videos open.


You need balance.

The Yin and the Yang.

So don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit.

Has your head been in a blog post all day?

Staring at a blank Word document?

Change your routine.

Now, there’s a few approaches to YouTube.

You could watch funny videos…

Or you could watch something more informational.

But the choice is up to you.


There is no wrong answer.

Know thyself.

Go where your head wants it to.

Writer’s block is often improved with rest and relaxation.

We all know YouTube so I won’t talk about it too much.

But watch what interests you.

Don’t feel guilty for taking some time to relax.

It’s essential for personal growth.

By the time you come back, you’ll have the answer to the problem (or the word) you were looking for.

So watch some videos and keep at it.

Life always finds a way to sort itself out.

4. Do a Little Reading

Read Something that Inspires You.

Book on bed with a pair of reading glasses across the book.

Writers read, and readers write.

Thats how it goes.

Reading keeps your brain working.

However, reading gives you a quick break from writing.

Whatever you choose to read, let it be something that puts you in good spirits and inspires a positive state of mind.

There are so many choices…

Motivational blogs…..

Facebook scrolling…

Technical articles.

Something that encourages personal growth.

I talk about mindset and personal growth because I believe in everyone reaching their own potential and being shown the way.

My article “The Mindset of a Successful Copywriter” talks about the importance of shaping your mind.

You’re like a bank account-

You get out what you put in.

Feed your brain the right things and you will evolve into the person you always wanted to be.

When you read, you grow.

When you take a break, you let your mind process things.

You’re subconscious mind is always working and when you give writing a break, your subconscious will find solutions to your problems.

So take that time to read something that inspires you.

Being inspired gets you wired!

5. Close your Eyes

Let go…

Woman sleeping on the ground to relieve writer's block.

When you close your eyes, you let go.

You let go of all the chaos.

Writers especially, tend to have an overactive mind.

And we write to channel this creative energy.

We tend to think of resting during work as being lazy-

This is not the case if you rest to supercharge your work.

Writer’s block tends to come from being overstimulated in your head…

So you have to get out of your head.

Closing your eyes for 10 minutes is enough to recharge your batteries.

Spending too much time in front of a screen can stop your creative juices.

Use this time to lay down and relax.

Or close your eyes at your desk.

Either way, you need to take time to relax and recharge.

It’s a key to productivity and overall health.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Closing your eyes for a few minutes is a good way to relieve writer’s block.

Give it a try- you’ll see.

6. Act a Fool!

Pair of headphones on a work table to show relaxing.

Basically, shake writer’s block off!

Make that thing go away.

Everybody has a different way of getting out of their head.

Some people dance.

Others go for a long drive.

So what makes you tick?


Going to the gym?

That’s your choice.

But you have to be creative.

There are so many options.

So get the juices flowing.

And remember-

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking time for yourself.

When you exercise you rest so you’re muscles can grow.

You have to do the same for your mind.

That’s all there is to it.

What’s your favorite on the list?