Writing To Your Target Audience


I hope all is well with everyone as we go thru 2020.

Good writing is like chemistry-

Or your favorite dinner recipe…

It takes something to make a “click” in the reader.

This blog typically talks about copywrting.

But good writing is important everywhere…

In the office…

On your blog…

Across social media…

And of course marketing materials.

It’s important to be consistent across the board.

That’s how you establish your own personal brand.

Your personal brand is what’s said about you when no one is around.

What they remember.

So how can we ensure consistency?

By doing what we do best…. practice, practice, practice…

And eventually you develop your own recipe for being a “good writer.”

What I’m getting at is that there is no one-size-fits-all for being a “good writer.”

There are traits that influence your own recipe for being a good writer.

I put “good writer” in parentheses over and over and over again because school beats into your head what they think a good writer is.

And you know what?

It’s an incorrect, regurgitated message that puts scholarly writing on a pedestal and puts down anyone who veers off the path of minutia.

This does not encourage growth and positive self-development…

This is bullying that makes you afraid to try new things or make mistakes…

Well, sometimes there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do things.

Sometimes you need to dive deeper than that and see how you can connect with your audience.

That’s what school distracts you from: Developing your own brand.

Many of you played with legos growing up.

Not all legos are the same.

There’s plenty of sizes.

Because it’s the individuality of the pieces that make up the whole puzzle.

So let’s put the conformity behind and learn a new way of thinking.

Writing is the foundation of all communication in the digital world.

Being a relatable writer takes time and effort.

Don’t put writing on a pedestal.

Develop the mindset that makes your words relatable with the charisma of someone they know, like and trust.

Let’s look at the traits of good writers.

Remember, traditional school focuses on a set of “textbook laws” that you have to follow or the writing police will take you away.


I’m not saying things like periods at the ends of sentences and such.


I focus and teach the mindset required to make you a good writer when there really are no rules to determine what a “good writer” or a bad “writer” is.

But I can talk you about how to become a relatable and charismatic writer.

I want to see every reader grow into who they want to be and apply what they learned to achieve a life of freedom on their own terms.

1.) Be Innovative

Good writers are innovators at heart.

One of the biggest turn-offs for readers is boring work.

Plain and simple.

If your reading isn’t relatable, people won’t want to read it.

They’ll skip over that headline.

Forget about that welcome email or newletter.

It’s the approach.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Relatable writers do NOT…

  • talk down to their readers
  • assume they know industry jargon
  • are only nice to get potential customer information
  • assume readers are willing to spend money right away
  • try to be the smartest person in the room (or the internet)


Because nobody has time for that.

We’re already used to that with outdated marketing techniques that treat every customer the same.

We don’t’ do that in 2020.

In 2020 we build relationships with our customers based on mutual respect and value that we grow from with.

The differnce between life and death in busines is survivial of the fittest.

The fittest people are able to adapt and adjust to the world around them.

Outdating marketing and sales writing techniques are outdated because everyone is getting tired of the same thing.

So we moved onto inbound marketing… taking the customer through the buyer’s journey.

Its backed by research that analyzes the phases the buyer goes through before making a purchase.

Combined with digital marketing, it’s based on data that makes marketing more appealing to the customer.

Have you ever looked at an item on Amazon and exited the website to continue with your work?

Remember what happened next?

You may have gotten an abandoned cart email….

This email is part of an autoresponder sequence that’s triggered when you put an item in your cart and leave without paying…

It’s a friendly follow-up to close the same.

Asking for the sale is an essential step to closing deals.


Because, we live in a consumer society.

It’s a consequence of being taught to shop until you drop, as opposed to how to create and market a product other people want.

So now we come back to learning how to nurture customer relationships through our lovely writing…

You own a pet store.

And you noticed a customer put special dog food into their cart and left for some reason-

I hope if you reading this I hope you’re starting to sweat because you don’t want to leave the sale behind.


We have woken up.

What would you, as a business owner write in your autoresponder?

(Assuming you have one).

  1. Appex Pet Food ingredients are low-sodium, high protein, and low-fat. It’s good for the canine teeth. It can be found on Amazon. Click here if you want to purchase. Bye now.
  2. Hey whats up Daniel? Remember when you purchased the ultimate pedigree Chum and saw your dog smile again? That’s because we only use the best ingredients to make your dog healthy. Use the coupon code “Canine100” to get 50% off your next bag. Take care…

If you picked number 2, you probably did so because you felt like you were treated as a fellow human being.

You kept your power.

You didn’t feel forced to do anything.

And that’s what made you want to make the purchase.

You felt honored to work with this company.

Again, you can buy dog food at virtually any pet store, but you chose this particular pet store because you felt valued.

Who new being a writer had to do with a pet store?

Writing has to do with everything.

Especially in the digital marketing era.

Because every good and service has to be sold.

And once you sell, you want to keep the customer and sell to them again.

This is how and why writing works.

You can’t talk to every customer all the time.

It’s virtually impossible in large businesses.

But your writing and branding efforts pay off while you sleep because the writing doesn’t go away.

So take the time to craft the appropriate materials to brand your business.

2. Use Emotion

Emotion = Energy in Motion.

You know the feeling.

When your inspired…

When your mind fills up with emotion.

Good writing doesnt tell.

Great writing shows…

And the best writing makes you feel.

Because we start to read everything.

But we only finish reading that which interests us the most.

That’s deep.

Because its very true.

If the writing doesn’t make a connection with you, you wont want to continue reading any more.

End of story.

I understand there’s a time when specific reading needs to be done.

Especially in Academia.

Books reports have to be done.

Lab reports have to be done.

And the doctor has to know what they’re doing before they operate on your head.

Lol I get it.

But outside of school and college, your goal is to be a relatable writer and that boils down to how you talk to your audience.

Relatable writers don’t talk down to people.

They also don’t use you for a quick buck.

They’re in it for the long haul.

Good writing ages like fine wine.

Unlike mediocre writing that stays on the shelf and then gets moved to the back of the shelf and gets tossed.

You may be wondering if there is a certain type of checklist you can use to be a relatable writer.

There is, and every list is different…

But you should’t try too hard.

It’s more of a mindset you develop when you want to bring the best out of someone by forming a mutual relationship.

Truth be told, everyone has a different way of interacting with others.

So, everyone will have a slightly different (or very different) way of writing compelling copy.

This is the opposite of what school teaches you.

You have been taught wrong in many ways.

It’s time to think of who you are and who you want to serve.

You must know yourself to grow yourself.

Once you know yourself, you know what you have to offer to the world.

But this is where the disconnect occurs…

Writers sacrifice their personality to submit themselves to the rules of writing.

The message gets mixed up…

And most of all, ignored because you’re saying it the wrong way.

A mechanical message doesn’t strike emotion.

And it most certainly doesn’t get you to take action.

So take a look at the emails you read.

As well as the websites you like going to.

They’re not boring.

They’re engaging.

That’s because the writing is directed toward you, not at you.

Think of the music you listen to.

Do you print out the lyrics off a computer and sing them to yourself?


You listen to the song.

It’s the delivery that makes a song a good song.

People listen to music they can relate to.

Music is an art, and writing is an art.

People are entertained by things that move them.

People are moved by emotions.

Your writing must be entertaining.

Not necessarily silly.

Just relatable.

By being genuine.

3. Break the Rules

Rules were meant to be broken…


Tastefully, of course.

But you have to know the rules to break them.

For example, school taught you how to write acedemically.

The criteria went something like this:

  • 5 sentences per paragraph
  • 5 words per sentence
  • Don’t use the word you, ever
  • Indent all your paragraphs
  • Don’t use contractions
  • Avoid abbreviations
  • Don’t start a sentence with
  • And more

Blah, blah, blah.

This is true for school and university.

But not when it comes to the real world.

Especially marketing.

And now digital marketing.

The list above?

I broke every one of those rules in this blog post.

Same with most of the other posts on this website.

See if I wrote in a mechanical, robotic way, it wouldn’t be interesting.

You go to the next blog that talks about the same thing- but in a more interesting way.

So you have to think for yourself and sometimes break the rules to get your message heard.

Remember, you’re competing for air time in the digital world.

Slots are limited.

You get the point.

Plus, how can your copy stand out when it looks like everyone elses?

It simply can’t.

This is where your unique style comes in.

So don’t be afraid to be yourself and have some authority with your work.

It’ll make your prospects mouths water….