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We Are The Authors Of Our Future (Literally)

Greetings once again.

The time is now.

Im glad to be back posting to all of you again.

We’re in challenging times, and I hope each and everyone of you are pulling through.

I am back after a time of planning and getting things ready.

During these times of Covid, I have been taking time to plan.

As a supporter of growth and positivity myself, I believe in taking action and rebuilding what we may have lost at this time.

I believe we influence our futures.

We cannot control what is happening around us, but we can control how we respond to our situations.

It’s the art of going within- to develop the discipline and willpower to not be influenced by our immediate surrounds, but to rise above and say….

I am powerful….

I am a creator….

I can do anything I put my mind to….

I can put my pen to the paper…

And my fingers to the keys.

We are the authors of our futures.

Copywriters are able to change the future.

1) E-Commerce is here to stay.

Digital Marketing Will Drive The Sales

Two digital marketers brainstorming work on a glass vision board to strategize their efforts.

With many people staying home, people will continue to shop online.

Amazon sales are soaring because people do not want to or cannot leave their homes.

Major brick-and-mortar businesses around the nation are closing one-by- one due to decreased in-store traffic.

It’s not that people have stopped shopping;

In fact, people have been shopping more during the crisis because of elevated stress and the convenience of having it sent to their doors.

With most customer traffic online, consumers are already inclined to fill their virtual shopping carts using the power of the internet.

This gives digital marketers a chance to set up their stores online.

Now, you can freelance for major companies or small businesses, or create your own.

You may have a product you want to promote, or someone else’s product- it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you’re filling in a need or a want and marketing completes the process.

Digital Marketing and copywriting go hand-in-hand from attracting leads to upselling clients.

2. E-Learning is now the Norm…

Work on a plan of action for future learners.

A young college student doing school work on her laptop from home.

Online courses were born when the internet came.

Since then, it has evolved into a billion dollar industry…

Life coaching, consulting, virtual assistants, and edupreneurs harness the power of the internet to teach like-minded people what they want to know.

In the 1960s, education took place in the classroom.

Then SOME classes took place online- but still a relatively rare thing.

When the internet continued to develop, online classes became more common.

Now, platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Udacity stream thousands of online videos on whatever you want.

The power of the internet gives you the power to be whoever you want to be.

Online education is disrupting traditional education by filling in the gaps traditional education doesn’t provide.

Look at digital marketing- a relatively new profession that continues to change as the internet further develops with algorithmic changes.

Traditional education teaches digital marketing from a an early 2000s perspective.

Online courses offer the most up-to-date info (provided you choose a trustable teacher) and can teach the eact skills you want.

Online courses take strategy to develop, and copywriters are the magician’s behind the launch of the new courses.

From script-writing to landing page to social media ads, copywriters make it so you see the course.

Even without paid ads, your email list that you might introduce your course to as a presale, are written with copy designed to convert your loyal subscribers into paying customers without being too pushy.

No of this awesome stuff can happen without copywriting-

Sales in print.

Persuasion in print…

Surgery with words…

Copywriting is the first thing that gets you involved in a sales funnel…

Subscribing to an email list, reading a FaceBook Ad, visiting a landing page, being retargeted with a pixel…

It’s the carefully chosen words that get and keep your attention.

Copywriting writes to you.

What have you learned online?

From blog posts to YouTube to online courses, you have gained SOMETHING from internet access.

3. The Workforce We Know Is Changing

9 to 5 work is now becoming less popular…

An comfortable  innovative workplace with leather chairs and glass windows makes work less draining.

When the internet was formed, people typically devoted their life to a company and stayed there until retirement.

Everything happened in the office.

People usually did not change their career path.

So life was very different back then as opposed to now.

Work was very robotic and more rigid.

When the internet came into play, work followed this trend and made work more flexible.

Now, stale corporate offices are being replaced by innovative structures where clients and professionals can meet up with creativity being inspired.

Work should no longer feel like a punishment, but rather the creative force behind great ideas coming to life.

Good ideas don’t happen in a vacuum- it takes people getting together to bounce off each other and take the idea in a meaningful direction.

Only then can the idea be broken apart into working pieces that teams can handle.

So now creative agencies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and virtual assistants can do their part to provide solutions.

Currently, remote workers and freelancers drive the economy through online efforts.

The world continues to be built- just online.

Web Developers, IT Professionals, Digital Marketers, and Virtual Assistants are a few of the many professions that have emerged in the online space.

With the foundation set in place, people can now buy goods online that would normally be bought in person.

This is why ecommerce and digital sales will never die- the world is online.

Digital marketing is the force that drive the sales, and there will always be a demand for professionals who work in the online space.

4. Too Many Ideas Are Dying

Give Birth To New Ideas


That’s the truth.

Everyone has an idea that’s worthy.

The biggest mistake a formal education made was it taught you that you can be anything, but at the same time stopped your creativity.

You were taught to be a follower, not a leader.

Follow the directions.

Color inside the lines.

Write a five-paragraph essay.

What about finance and business?

Copywriting and digital marketing?

How to invest in yourself?

Why wasn’t any of this taught?

Because real education is dangerous.

It sets you free from the system.

And the 9 to 5 work style.

You weren’t taught that you can set up an online business that operates itself on autopilot.

Or that you can create passive income streams that will pay your bills while you work on more streams of passive income.

Skills like copywriting, digital marketing, and automation technology can be learned and implemented to create a self-sufficient business that can be tweaked as needed.

Have an idea that you feel will change the world?

Think of how you can use the internet to turn it into a plan of action.

That’s the gist of this article.

That’s what I want you to know.

So now, more than ever, is the time to take charge of your future and implement the digital skills you have learned.