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How To Put Your Business On Autopilot.

Your success with your online business depends on your ability to take your website visitors through the customer journey cycle. Think about your experiences when you buy something online. There are different ways of completing the process, but the one thing in common is the methodology. You’re probably thinking, well, I don’t really remember, it just happened. But that’s exactly how it should be- good marketing shouldn’t feel like you’re being sold too. It should feel like you’re being provided value and the money you paid is just a byproduct of good value. Marketing automation automates and measures marketing workflows via digital software platforms. This ultimately lets you focus on what’s most important- seeing the big picture and letting you take the lead.

1. Set Goals and Measure Results.

Digital Marketing data shown by a digital marketer analyzing campaign automation results.

Before you can start a profitable marketing automation campaign, you must first have a goal in mind. Since email is a customer relationship management tool, what is it that you want your customers to do? There’s many parts to marketing automation, so organizing your process and breaking it down into manageable chunks is key to sustained profitability. For example, inside most email marketing platforms, there’s a series of workflows you can choose from. Some of these include:

  • birthday
  • course promotion
  • abandoned cart series
  • early sales
  • post-sale follow-ups
  • course promotion
  • webinar promotion
  • webinar follow-up
  • and much more…

There’s many to choose from, but knowing what you want your customers to experience is the key to knowing what to choose. Remember, once you know where you want to take your business, creating a campaign goal and following through is what will shape your business into a cash generating asset. This is not possible without email marketing automation in 2021.

2. You’re Always There For Your Customers (Even If You’re Not).

Time and money are limited, and you can’t be everywhere at once. But taking the time to grow your email list and create automated workflows is what will save you time and create income on autopilot. You can do this by segmenting your email list, as well as timing the messages so your subscribers will open their emails when they are ready. Email marketing has come a long way since the early 2000s when you had to carefully craft each email and remember to send it out at just the right time! Now you can create triggers for your subscriber, score your leads, retarget customers who are not engaging, and even send emails on a subscriber’s birthday. The possibilities are endless, but the point is that email marketing is what will do the hard work for you so you can focus on your business ideas.

3. Maximize Your ROI.

Professional Businesswoman showcasing earnings as a result of marketing automation.

Remember, for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect to get $44 in return. So continuing to nurture your leads and giving them what they want at the right time will create loyalty for your customers. Your value is in your email list, and the fortune is in the follow up. Adding personalization to this adds even more value, such as including your subscriber’s first name and offering coupons to loyal customers. This can all sound complicated- segmenting, AB Testing, workflows, but its all the work you would manually do if there was no email marketing. So take the time to brainstorm and do the right thing for your business- plan your content and organize your contacts ahead of time so you can automatically place contacts so they’re in line for a sale.

4. Reduce Costs.

While maximizing your ROI, you’re also minimizing overhead costs by not having to have an entire sales team to conduct manual business affairs with each client. Imagine if you had 900 email subscribers and you had to do every. single. thing. manually? That would be insane. Email marketing is a lifesaver and is here to stay in 2021 and beyond because of its automatic growth.

Likewise, you don’t need to be tech savvy to be able to create an automated email workflow. GetResponse has a series of pre-made template series with fully customizable designs you can edit to your satisfaction. What you do need is to know your customers, have set goals in mind, and be willing to try new things. Digital Marketing is not a one-size fits all solution, and you must be willing to experiment to know what works best for your business. Email marketing also helps you learn about your customers more…

5. Nurture Leads To Get Them Ready.

Not all of your customers are ready to buy- just yet. Some of your customers may be in the awareness stage and are still doing their research. As a general rule of thumb, a customer usually has to see an ad 7 times before making the decision to buy. Now, this could be more, or it could be less so its important to consider that your reader may not be completely ready to make the purchase. Automation workflows welcome your reader, offer them resources and guides, and gets to know them as a person and establish trust. This can take several emails, and having this process automated makes life easy for you as a business owner.

6. More Reliable and Professional.

Customers expect you to deliver on time, every time. Marketing automation lets you program all the mundane tasks that take away from your time as a business owner. When an email is created in an automated workflow, it will be personalized with appropriate content for your target audience. This eliminates guessing and positions you as an authority figure in your niche because you’re prepared and on time. Personalizing your email workflows adds a layer of trust and rapport with your subscriber because they feel like they already know you. Think back to the birthday message you can create in email marketing platforms such as GetResponse and AWeber, along with the abandoned cart sequences you can use to make your business secure.

7. Understand Your Customers More.

A business owner serves an enthusiastic customer in a store.

Although understanding your customers and the marketing automation process may sound contradictory, email marketing automation helps you better understand your customers and their behavior patterns. Digital Marketing is based on data, and you quickly get to see which links your readers click on, which pages they visit, and their interests. You can even send targeted surveys to your readers so your know exactly what they expect from you and your business and what you have to adjust to achieve those target outcomes.

Gone are the days of loud, aggressive cold-calling marketing strategies that are just- well, annoying. And if we’re being honest here, we’ve all experienced this. As good, honest, ethical digital marketers, we have a tendency to bring customers toward us by using the inbound marketing method, which brings the customers to us naturally through common interests such as blog posts, articles, YouTube videos, and SEO techniques. These techniques bring the reader to us, as opposed to pushing the customers away by being too pushy. HubSpot is also a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that automates your business for you by attracting, engaging, and satisfying leads. Plus, they also offer courses to teach you how to do it. 2021 is the time to take control and automate your business so you can have the freedom you deserve.

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