I’ve Got Answers!

Q: What information do you need to provide a quote?

A: To quote accurately, I need to know a bit of detail:

How many pages of copy will you need?

What kind of pages are you looking for? (e.g. Web, corporate profile, brochure, speech)

If website, what are the pages? (e.g. Home, About Us, Services)

What’s your deadline?

Q: What information do you need to start the job?

A: I’ll send you a questionnaire before I start writing. It’ll cover questions like these:

What are the benefits of your offering?

Why is it unique or better?

What claims do you want to make about it?

How would you describe the personality of your brand?

Who is your target visitor?

What do they need and want?

Why are they at your site?

How did they get there? (e.g. Search engine? Sales letter?)

Why should they trust you?

What’s your call to action?

What are your keywords for SEO?

Generally, I’ll have further questions as I go, which will all be answerable via email or phone.

Q: When can you start?

A: I can generally start your copywriting project within 1 week.

Q: How long will it take?

A: Again, it all depends on the specifics of the job, how much information you can supply, and how long you take to review the work. A single page of copy, say 400 words, can be turned around in 1-2 days if you’re able to supply all the information I need.

Q:Can I suggest changes to your copy?

A:Yes! By all means. However, if you suggest a change that, in my professional opinion, is unwise, I’ll advise against it, then leave the final decision to you.

Q:Do we need to meet in person?

A: No. Only in rare cases is a face-to-face meeting required. All negotiation can be over the phone, via email, or even Skype.

Q:I’m in another country, can you still write my copy?

A: Yes! I work for clients around the world, including USA, UK, Australia, India, and Pakistan.

Q:Is my project too big or too small?

A: Probably not. Whether it’s a one-line ad or a 200 page manual, I’m happy to help.

Q:Do you also do editing?

A: Yes. Some clients find it more affordable to write their own copy and have me simply edit their work. This can be a good option, especially for clients on a tight budget.

Q:What is copywriting?

A: In plain English, copywriting means the writing that promotes your business. This includes brochures, websites, letters, print ads, Google AdWords, articles, scripts, etc.

Q:Can you help me with copyright?

A: No. Copyright is about legal ownership of something, and is totally unrelated to copywriting.

Q: Why are search engines important to me?

A: 85% of all website traffic is driven by search engines. The only online activity more popular than search is email. 79.2% of US users don’t go to page 2 of search results. 42% of users click on the no.1 result. For the under-40 age-group, the Internet will become the most used media in the next 2-3 years.

Q: What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

A: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of creating a website which is search engine-friendly. This means:

using the right words in your copy

using the right words in your HTML code

structuring your site properly

designing your site properly

creating lots of great content

getting lots of other sites to link to yours