Landing Pages

Your landing page is just what it sounds like- the place where your customer lands in the process of the buyer’s journey. But what’s more important is how they got there and what their goal is when they land on your page.

Digital Marketing can be complex; but to manage, increase, and drive sales, the buyer’s process is divided into smaller sections. Your website, landing page, checkout page. But to get there, certain actions have to be taken to reach your target audience. Digital marketing is composed of a series of events that have to work off each other in order for the end result to work.

Lets say you have an online coaching business. You are providing a service that many people need, and depending on your niche, your website could apply to a vast range of people. To hone in on your target audience, you will want to have something of value that your prospective customer will want. In digital marketing, this is typically a lead magnet. Your lead magnet is value provided to a customer in exchange for contact information. usually an email address.

Here are some typical landing page ideas:

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • PDFs
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • And many more

Your lead magnet will open the door of trust and credibility so your prospect will give you their contact information.

So you’ve created a social media ad, or Google Ad and your driving traffic to your lead magnet. You ultimately want to build your email list because the fortune’s in the follow-up.

So now you have your “eBook on SEO” so now you want to sell it.

But remember- no one knows about your eBook (except maybe your follows) so you have to drive traffic to your eBook. So you generate traffic with an ad to your landing page. This is your chance to prove to your lead that your product will improve their life or get them the desired result.

Let me take you from Z to A and engineer your system so you have the biggest ROI on your investment.