Lead Magnet Copywriting

People don’t want to be sold to, but rather exchange money for perceived value. Before the sales process or customer journey cycle begins, a mutual understanding of the inbound marketing method must be understood. This means that all systems must be in place for the desired outcome to occur. Your lead magnet starts the customer journey with your client by getting them to give you their contact information.

The planning process begins with the end goal in mind. Whether its a consultation, file download, sign up form, you must have steps to get you there. You have to have a game plan before you can take further action.

Think Like An Engineer.

Digital marketing is reverse engineering the customer’s journey from Z to A, to get from A to Z. Combining this with the power of email marketing and its high ROI, lead magnets are essential to growing your email list and beginning the initial stage of the customer buyer cycle. One of the first steps to gaining a customers trust and establish loyalty is to create a lead magnet, which solves a specific problem the customer may be having at this time.

Some effective lead magnets include:

  • eBook
  • PDF
  • White Papers
  • Check Lists
  • educational videos
  • case studies
  • infographics
  • free tools list
  • blog posts
  • and many more

Get Your Foot In The Door.

Your lead magnet serves as an irresistible offer to the customer to get that needed foot in the door- or in digital marketing, the email address or phone number. This is a set that cannot be overlooked, because the growth of an email list is one of the most essential steps for your business. A carefully crafted lead magnet with the right text will not only give initial solutions to your client, but will establish your business credibility in the industry. This will warm your client up and leave them open to the suggestion of sales in the future. An effective digital marketing cycle is dependent on all systems working together for the growth of the business.

A high quality lead magnet that offers solutions to the customer can generate thousands of leads per month. This can also acquire highly targeted leads, who are ready to purchase your offer or services, because it speaks directly to them with well-presented, quality information. Your clients found out about you for a reason, most likely from a landing page that directed them to your piece of content. This lead magnet gives you the opportunity, as a business owner, to gives your prospect the answers they are desperately looking for, while establishing your credibility and professionalism. Finally, you get to pass through the golden gates with that email address or phone number.

Know Your Customer.

Good marketing starts with knowing your ideal customer. What are their desired outcomes? What are their fears? What are their main objections? How do you, as a business owner, overcome these objections? These are all questions you must know before you can start your digital marketing strategy. Creating a high-converting lead magnet begins with having a clearly defined vision of your ideal customer and what makes them give up their email address for you. Everyone’s email inboxes are flooded with emails take time to sift through- so knowing your client and providing them with enough trust and value to give you their information proves you have what it takes to get your client from A to Z.

The most effective lead magnets add great value to the customer while establishing your expertise and credibility in the industry. These lead magnets appeal to the target audience because they solve a specific problem or give directions on how to solve a problem the client has in mind, which is why they are signing up to work with you. So do please take lead magnet copywriting seriously- it opens the door to working with clients who look up to you for expertise in solving their problems.